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Practising TAO



"Practising TAO" (front cover)

The book is busy with the consiousness changing qualities of ZEN-meditation and internal martial art. It is dealing with the personal consequences of the individual liberation, the satori of ZEN and the Becoming-One with the TAO, which are also the basis of a full reform of our society. The personal liberation is also a way-out of the individual problems in our social life, as well as out the global crises of humanity.
„Rainer is a great yogi, he is an expert teacher of TAO, Tai Chi and Dhyana. His vision is an embodied way of TAO. Rainer is a Bodhisattwa of our day.“
ZEN-Master Pater AMA Samy about Rainer Maria Kohl
Published on my own costs - limited first edition of 100 issues. 166 pages, thread binding, hard cover with jacket and ribbon. € 25,00 plus mailing-fees. The book is not available in bookshops! Order via my homepage www.easy-is-right.com or via my known email address. The book is also available in German.